Footwear which falls under the High Altitude Boots category is suitable for the extreme mountain climates generally found from 6000m upwards, from Aconcagua in South America to Mount Everest at the throne of all 8000m peaks. In addition, some of these boots double up as the footwear of choice for expeditions to the extreme cold of high latitudes (e.g. Mount Vinson and Denali).

Adventure Peaks is the only UK retailer to stock a full size roll (including half sizes) of the Millet Everest GTX at all times, thus facilitating finding the size that fits. As a rule of thumb, expedition footwear is worn anywhere between half to a whole size and a half bigger than normal shoes due to feet as well as the closed cell insulation within the boot expanding slightly at high altitude. Although we give an indication of these boots’ suitability to altitude or temperature, it is important to understand various factors which will affect how warm a boot is. Size, fit, weather conditions etc. will all alter the performance of the boot – its recommended use is only a guide!