Socks are one of the most commonly overlooked pieces of clothing to keep you comfortable when moving around in the hills. A well fitted walking sock will not only improve the fit of your walking footwear, it will also effectively wick away moisture from the skin to prevent friction induced pain. High quality walking socks are made from synthetic fibres and / or wool and often have differential zones of thickness around high impact areas to promote optimum comfort.

Socks can be divided into 4 categories: heavyweight, midweight, lightweight and liner. Heavyweight socks are ideal for colder conditions or high impact pursuits like long distance trekking with heavy packs. Midweight socks excel in 3 season hiking and trekking with normal loads whereas lightweight socks are designed for hot climates in lighter footwear.

Liner socks can be worn alone but are best used for extra warmth or to prevent blisters when used with a thicker sock, the idea being that any friction happens between socks and not on the skin.