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When traveling abroad, having Aquaprove purification tablets on-hand can be essential to your health and well-being especially in situations when clean drinking water is simply not available.

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Aquaprove water purification  is the solution for purification and freshness of drinking water and can be used on many of our Adventure Peaks treks and expeditions. The Aquaprove kit contains kit contains one empty 50ml bottle that needs to be filled with water and one Aquaprove tablet.

One Aquaprove kit purifies up to 250 litres of water.

Directions for Use of Aquaprove water purification

 Remove the cap & fill enclosed bottle with water up to the blue arrow mark.
 Add the AquaProve tablet to the water in the bottle.
 Replace the cap on the bottle and close firmly.
 Do not move or shake the bottle, allow 10 minutes for the solution to be ready.
 Gently shake the bottle to achieve proper mixing of the AquaProve solution.
 AquaProve (0.2% aqueous chlorine dioxide solution) is ready for use.

How to Apply

 Add 4 drops of the AquaProve solution to every 1 litre of water.
 If the water source is not trusted the dose may be increased up to
8 drops per liter of water.
 Your purified water is ready for use in 5 minutes.

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