DMM Belay Master 2


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The DMM Belay Master uses a simple but effective method to eliminate the chances of cross loading your Carabiner when belaying which is useful for all climbers but especially so for beginners. Closing the clip on the Belay Master 2 ensures the carabiner is safe for use. It can only be closed when the gate is screwed shut.

When closed, the clip keeps the carabiner in its strongest orientation, prevents devices and knots from moving onto the spine, eliminates possible cross loading due to rotation. This feature makes the Belay Master the perfect belay carabiner for those new to belaying.


  • Belay Carabiner for Consistent rope control and compatibility with belay devices
  • Offset D Carabiner for optimal loading and ergonomics
  • Nylon Clip ensures Carabiner loads correctly
  • Full section top bar for consistent rope handling and increased longevity
  • Keylock Nose eliminates snagging
  • I-Beam construction for optimum strength to weight Ratio
  • Weight 93g
  • Strength Major Axis – 25kn
  • Strength Minor Axis – 10kn
  • Stregth Gate open – 8kn

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