DMM Dyneema Slings


60, 120 or 240cm Dyneema sling with 11mm width

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Dyneema slings are lightweight and incredibly strong. Another advantage of Dyneema is that it is less prone to UV degradation and is more resistant to abrasion. 11mm Dyneema slings are thin enough to take advantage of much narrower threads and is more likely to stay in palce on marginal spike placements. A 60cm sling works well as an extender with two crabs to reduce rope drag on zig-zagging routes or past bulges and overhangs. It is also the ideal length to create a ‘cows-tail’ with a screwgate carabiner useful when sport climbing.

Assorted colours

Strength: 22kN

Available Lengths

60, 120, 240cm

Additional Information

Weight 0.1 kg
Sling Lengths

120cm, 240cm, 60cm

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