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The DMM Phantom Quickdraw utilises DMM’s super lightweight Phantom Carabiner  to produce the lightest Quickdraw in the DMM Range.

I-Beam construction brings each Phantom carabiner’s weight down to just 28 grams. Low weight doesn’t mean no frills: the Phantom has a reduced gate notch to combat snagging, and more metal in contact areas for reduced wear on equipment.

Connected with a lightweight Dynatec sling, the Phantom quickdraw is a high performance trad onsight tool.

This is a set of 5 DMM Phantom Quickdraws with 12cm Dynatec slings


  • Super Light Quickdraw for Minimum Weight
  • Small Gates Notches reduce snagging on equipment
  • 1mm Dynatec sling gives low weight and durability
  • Wire gate Carabiners reduce weight
  • I-Beam Carabiner Construction gives optimum Strength to Weight Ratio
  • Contrasting Colours make identifying rope and gear ends of the quickdraw easier

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