Grivel Single Spring Leash


No more trying to move your wrist leash around on a steep slope. With the Grivel Single Springer Leash attached to your harness or pack you would be able to easily move your axe around.

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An elastic sling system to avoid losing tools when climbing on rock or ice. This solves the problem for climbers who love climbing without a leash. The Grivel Single Spring Leash is attached to the harness by looping it through the tape ring over the harness itself. The small spinner carabiner is hooked onto the hole on the axe’s head when using it to lean on when walking or through the hole on the spike when holding the shaft in traction. In both cases it is impossible to lose the axe. The system allows the climber to swap hands or tool easily without interfering with the manoeuvre thanks to it compactness and the arm can be extended to its limit thanks to its elasticity. Compact when required, long when required.

Whether your learning your skills on one of our fantastic winter mountaineering courses or climbing incredible mountains on one of our expeditions these leashes are a must have. The leashes are also available as a double option if your on one of our Scottish improvers ice climbing courses.

Features of the Grivel Single Spring Leash:

• Makes it impossible to lose the ice axe
• Leaves hands free
• Long when required
• Compact when required
Attention: the single spring must never be used as a self belay for the climber or to belay a companion. Its strength is limited to 200kg.
The small carabiner has a maximum resistance of 750kg and must never be used instead of a normal carabiner when climbing or belaying

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