Joker Dry 9.1mm 50m rope

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The Beal Joker Unicore is Beals ultimate rope, the latest creation of the Beal Lab, born with the help of the BEAL Team climbers. It’s the only rope in the world which conforms to all 3 dynamic rope norms.

It is in effect a single rope, a half rope and a twin rope at the same time. This rope will be loved by the most extreme climbers, seeking lightness and easy running, as much as by more traditional climbers seeking a multi-purpose rope for ridge routesor classic face routes, mixed ice and snow, or snow alone.


• Multi use.
• Ultra light.
• Ultra smooth.

Jokers are now made with Unicore Technology. The UniCore process joins the rope core to the sheath without affecting handling or flexibility. This eliminates slip even in the worst conditions (e.g. top roping or active belaying). If the sheath becomes torn or cut, the core and sheath will remain bonded so that the climber can pass the damaged section and doesnt become stuck. The advantages of a UniCore rope include:

• Sheath slippage elimination.
• Allows safe escape should the sheath be cut.
• Makes rope cutting easy with a simple blade without any heating.
• Reduction of shrinkage in water by more than 50 %.

Used as a ‘single’ this rope may not be grippable by all hands, and in all devices: in effect its fineness makes it a rope which demands expert holding and controlling. ‘Classic’ devices, designed for higher diameter ropes, will give reduced braking, and some self-locking auto-brakes may simply not work.

• Single rope – UIAA – CE
• Number of bobbins
• Weight per metter
53 g
53 g
53 g
• Impact force Laboratory
7,9 – 8,10 kN
5,60 – 5,80 kN
9,10 – 9,30 kN
• Impact force BEAL Guaranty
8,2 kN
with 80 kg
6 kN
with 55 kg/1 strand

9,5 kN
with 80 kg/2 strands

• Number of UIAA Falls Laboratory
6 – 7
24 – 26
• Number of UIAA Falls BEAL Guaranty
with 80 kg
with 55 kg/1 strand
with 80 kg/2 strands
• Sheath slippage
0 mm
0 mm
0 mm
• Extension during the first fall
37 %
32 %
29 %
• Static elongation
8%/ 1 strand
7%/ 2 strands
• Resistance to a factor 1,77 fall over
an edge of radius 0.75mm
• Sheath percentage

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