Millet Prolighter MXP 60 + 20


Because in the high mountains, every gram counts, and the Millet Prolighter MXP 60 + 20 backpack meets all the requirements of mountaineering.

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Because every move and every gram matter in the high mountains, the Millet Prolighter MXP 60 + 20 expedition backpack meets all the requirements of committed alpinism and high altitude mountaineering, with minimum weight plus a streamlined design ensuring it does not hinder your progress up the mountain.

The extendable lid and compression means the Millet Prolighter MXP 60 can be converted into an 80 litre pack with fantastic load carrying capabilities.

Even more lightweight and robust then previous versions, the exclusive Millet Prolighter MXP 60+20 ROBIC DOTTED LINE™ fabric delivers strength without compromising the reliability and quality of the backpack. Compact load carry is ensured over time by the X-LIGHTER™ heat-molded foam back. With a clean-cut body that eases movement, and a raised hip belt for walking in deep snow, the Millet Prolighter MXP 60+20 targets functional precision to let you save maximum energy during ascents.

When away on those multi-week trips, the Millet Prolighter MXP 60+20 is designed to comfortably carry all your gear including your extra layers of clothing, ice axes, ropes, skis, mat and sleeping bags. The water repellent outer material means your pack will not become heavy during a downpour or when experiencing deep powder snow conditions.

Millet Prolighter MXP 60 + 20 specifications

  • Slim, technical profile
  • 2 expandable straps allowing larger capacity by quick loop technology making the rucksack 80 litres.
  • Sealing skirt around main opening with access zip.
  • FPP Ergo ™ Ice Axe Holder
  • Durable and adjustable cord attachments to allow skis of a variety of sizes to be carried securely and without obstructing movement on steeper lines
  • Stretch pockets on the side of the pack which will comfortably take a one litre Nalgene bottle
  • Two zipped pockets on the lid, one internal and one external
  • Continuous ™ straps construction with adjustment mark. Removable waistband for hiking at altitude + belt strap integrated
  • Chest Strap
  •  Exclusive material Millet ROBIC DOTTED LINE
  • 1420G
  • Volume: 60 + 20L
  • Back height: 46 cM

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