DMM Orbit 8.6mm 60m Dry Treated


The DMM Orbit 8.6mm 60m Dry Treated rope is our go to option for the climber wanting to balance durability and low weight, making it suitable for use across summer and winter.

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UIAA Dry treatment helps the DMM Orbit 8.6mm 60m Dry Treated repel water in wet or icy conditions when climbing on the north face of Ben Nevis in winter, preventing it from freezing or becoming heavy when wet. The ideal singe rope for climbers that want to try trad or winter routes or new in to climbing outdoors and want that all rounder rope.

Single ropes are the most simple and lightweight rope systems for climbing. They can be used for any discipline, and are appropriate where protection follows a relatively straight line. If the route wanders, runners will need to be extended to prevent rope drag and prevent trad protection from lifting out.

The UIAA dry treatment standard dictates that a rope must absorb less than 5% of its total weight in water after light abrasion and 15 minutes soaking. DMM Ropes marked UIAA Dry conform to this standard, and are suitable for use in alpine, winter and wet environments, where they will resists soaking up water and freezing. Dry treatment also extends a ropes lifespan by protecting it against dirt and grit.

ThermoControl heat treatment alters the fibres within the rope, balancing the core and sheath to minimise slippage and prevent the rope shrinking or going stiff. This increases durability, and gives ropes supple handling.

Features of the DMM Orbit 8.6mm 60m Dry Treated

  • Superlight, high performance single rope
  • UIAA Dry treated for year round use, improved life and less drag
  • ThermoControl treatment for superb handling and stability
  • Triple Certified: Twin, Half, and Single
  • Two colourways available for effective guiding with clients
  • 8 UIAA falls
  • 61g per metre
  • 8.7Kn Impact Force

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