Platypus Soft Bottle with Push-Pull Cap

The best and most packable water bottle fold it away when its empty, perfect for saving space and weight on long days out.

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Each one comes with a Clean-Taste Guarantee and it’s made with zero BPA. The Soft Bottle is green, too, because it’s ultra-reusable and lightweight, it uses less energy and materials. Finally, your SoftBottle defines flexible. It fits in a drink holder, a round pocket, a flat pocket, or any hand. When empty, it rolls up and fits anywhere you want it to fit. Plus, it weighs 80% less than hard hydration bottles. Available with Closure Cap, Push-Pull Cap, or Platypus new dual-valve HyperFlow Cap.

  • Capacity: 17 fl.oz (0.5 litres); 34 fl.oz (1 litre)
  • Weight: 0.8oz (22g); 1.2oz (35g)
  • Width: 5 inch (12cm); 6 inch (15cm)
  • Film: Nylon/Polyethylene /// Spout material: Polyethylene /// Cap material: Polypropylene

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