Rab Expedition 1400 Sleeping Bag

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The Expedition 1400 sleeping bag is the warmest of the Expedition series and perfect for extremely cold expeditions such as winter high altitude peaks and polar regions. The extra 200grams of down in this bag makes it particularly suited to expeditions where physical endurance is stressed in persistently cold conditions. This makes the extra warmth key in getting a good night’s rest.

Also consider the Marmot Cwm as an alternative to the Rab Expedition 1400 sleeping bag.

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Vital Statistics:

  • Down Fill Weight: 1400g
  • Down Fill Power: 850 Inch3/oz.
  • Shell Fabric: Pertex Endurance
  • Temperature guide: -40⁰C
  • Total Weight: 2090g

General Description:

The Expedition Series sleeping bags are designed to give you the most warmth and living space. It is designed with enough space making it is easy to get dressed in in the morning or simply hunker down and read the next chapter of your book.

The Expedition bags also uses the highest fill power down to give a great balance between warmth and weight. Also the heavier weight Pertex Endurance outer will stand up to much harder use, whether it the general snags of tent life or a thick layer of frost.

RAB down bags the down sports a hydrophobic finish to resist the onslaught of frost and will leave the down in tip top conditions for many years. The foot box and cowl of the sleeping bag is also lined with Pertex Endurance. Perfect for preventing inner boots ruining the foot box and the frost around the cowl wetting out the down.

  • Trapezoid baffles for maximum loft.
  • Vertical foot and chest baffles limiting down movement.
  • Water resistant foot box and cowl helps in keeping the down dry.
  • Soft draw string collars making comfortable seals against the cold.
  • Includes dry bag stuff bag and cotton storage sack.
  • Filled with Hydrophobic down
  • Hand filled in Derbyshire makes for super fluffy down!

Additional Information

Weight 2.3 kg
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Aegean AG, Amethyst, Anemone, Antifreeze, Apple, Aqua, Aqua Hydrophobic, Aubergine, Aubergine Hydrophobic, Ayers, Azure, Beluga, Beluga 2012, Beluga Hydrophobic, Black, Black (New), Black 2012, Black Hydrophobic, Blackcurrant, Blackcurrant 2012, Blackcurrant Hydrophobic, Blazon, Blazon Hydrophobic, Blue, Breaker Blue, Brick Red, Camo, Cardinal, Cobalt, Crush, Dark Gray, Dark Shark, Diva, Dragonfruit, Dusk, Ebony, Ecru, Electric, Electric Blue, Evergreen, Fig, Firecracker, Fjord, Fjord 2012, Flash, Formula One, Fuscha, Gargoyle, Granite, Granite 2012, Grape, Grape 2012, Grit, Heather, Hemp, Indigo, Ink, Iris, Jam, Juicy, Khaki, Kingfisher, Kiwi, Lake, Lapis, Lava, Lime, Luna, Lupin, Majestic, Mango, Marin, Mars Red, Mauve, Maya, Maya Hydrophobic, Medina, Merlin, Mineral, Molten, Neptune, Ocean, Orange, Orchid, Orion, Peacock, Pear, Peat, Peat 2012, Peat Hydrophobic, Peel, Pepper, Pillarbox, Pimento, Plum, Pois, Pool Blue PB, Prickly Pear, Quince, Rasberry, Red, Rose, Royal Blue, Sargasso, Satsuma, Slate, Solaris, Spring, Spring Green, Stratos, Tabasco, Teal, Tempest, Thunder, Truffle, Truffle 2012, Turquoise, Twilight, Twilight Hydrophobic, Ultramarine, Ultraviolet, Velvet VE Purple, Violet, Vivid, whale, Zest

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