Millet Rubix TRX 60m x 8.5mm PAIR DEAL


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The Millet Rubix TRX double rope, for mountain applications only, weighs just 48 g per meter. A very modest weight, coupled with high hydrophobic performance. Intended for use in the mountains, it helps secure all fa irly long alpinism excursions involving an approach over moraine and glacier. It separates, so it can be carried by two people – one of the significant attractions of double ropes. What’s Hydrophobic? An expert explanation: the property of being hydrophobic was claimed by many manufacturers for years. Well, it’s understandable… A rope that retains no water is far lighter to carry when used in wet conditions. There is now a label that guarantees this property, and a simple UIAA test can single out the truly hydrophobic ropes. The rope is placed on a sloping surface, sprinkled with water, and weighed (before and after). The rope passes the test if it only absorbs 5 % of the water. Ours absorbed only 2%! To achieve this terrific result, we treat the interior threads (core) and exterior threads (sheath). So: 100 % of the threads are treated then polymerized at room temperature, to make the effects long-lasting.


  • TRIAXIALE® Long Life Technology braided core construction
  • Double/ Twin Ropes
  • 8.5mm diameter, fluid and robust. For manoeuvers, each rope has a different color (Green and Orange)
  • Middle mark on each rope for safety
  • All lengths HYDROPHOBIC® treated to UIAA Water Repellent standard, ensuring protection and durability
  • 48grams per meter

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