Millet Taurus TRX 10mm 60m


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The Millet Taurus TRX is dedicated to regular indoor use and summer crag climbing, this reinforced single rope has a 10mm diameter as per the current universal standard, i.e. slightly skinnier than previously. and perfectly s uited to gym work for its fluidity, with good grip for children. Unlike a traditional assembly, where the strands inside the sheath are laid in parallel, the TRIAXIALE® technology has a brained polyamide core – a MILLET exclusive. This increases the rope’s core strength and makes the sheath more secure in the event of a snag. Thanks to eco-friendly production, this dry rope is untreated. The TAURUS is available in lengths suited to the gym and to external uses, for individuals and for clubs/public-sector venues.


  • TRIAXIALE® Long Life Technology braided core construction
  • Single Rope construction
  • 10 mm diameter. Reinforced and dependable in hand, perfect for regular indoor use.
  • It remains supple and round over time
  • Eco-sensible manufacture: untreated dry rope

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