South Pole - Last Degree, Rab and Julbo

By Adventure Peaks
March 25, 2015

A lovely bit of feedback from Åshild from Norway:

Thank you very much for the Julbos! I got them on Saturday, and I´m very pleased. On a trip to the South Pole (last degree), I was wearing the RAB Expedition down jacket when we were establishing camp in the evening and in the morning when were packing the pulk.

The down jacket was always on the of my arctic bedding, so I knew exactly where it was when i needed it. I also used the RAB expedition 1200 sleeping bag. When I´m on an expedition, the most important thing is to save energy. This means that its really important to have a good night sleep, and to get enough food and nutrition. The RAB expedition 1200 made me sleep like a princess! I also used the same equipment when I was crossing Greenland, a 22 days long expedition.

I was also wearing Julbo explorer cameleon when I was crossing Greenland and also on my expedition to the South Pole. Its important to protect the eyes from the sun and the radiation from the glacier. Even in whiteouts I used the Julbos.


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