Stay safe and stay fit with our Stylists help, here at Adventure Peaks...


Now, more than ever it seems so important we keep body and mind fit, taking a daily brisk walk or pushing ourselves to go that bit harder on a short hill-hike or run… it all releases our happy endorphins, re-energising us for a more productive day.

Here at Adventure Peaks we are determined to keep all our wonderful expedition clients and outdoor gear customers going, asking our buyers and stylists for help now that we can only shop on-line.

Lucinda Hayton has over 30 years of styling experience, both for media – working with celebrity magazines and TV styling programmes and as a make-over artist; finding the ‘right look’ for thousands of women.

“Having the right exercise clothing can make SO much difference, NOT ONLY choosing high quality, technical fabrics that keep you cool and sweat free, but knowing the key pieces to have, so that you aren’t caught out by a sudden shower or hill top winds.

And don’t underestimate the feel-good factor of wearing a fit that actually makes you look fab… colours that lift and brighten you… we all suit different shapes and colours and wearing the right ones for you will make an incredible difference to how you feel.

Well-chosen exercise clothes make you WANT to put them on!

More than ever, women are choosing to wear exercise gear around the house too and why not, when you can get up in the morning and quickly pull on THE most comfortable pair of hold-in flexible leggings, rather than those uncomfortable button-zip jeans… and when you can add a soft-comfort sport bra under a breathable light-weight top, instead of that back rubbing bra and button up non-breathable shirt.

Get the colours right for you and see how much more positive you feel when you catch yourself in the mirror. We certainly all need to feel as good as possible over these next few months, physically AND mentally.

So, what best to do?

I’ve really thought about this and as we can’t magic you into the store, to try before you buy, I will instead be there for you, free of charge, choosing a box full of kit to send out for you to try.

Whether you are looking for a capsule selection to get you started, or an item to help make your daily exercise more comfortable (all with the added benefit of helping you look more gorgeous too)

You just need to get in touch and tell me about your choice of exercise, forward me a photo of you in your regular gear and tell me what you like/don’t like about it / what you feel is missing.

I’ll get back to you with instore photos of my choices for you, their tech detail, fit and why I think they’d work well for you.

Adventure Peaks can then send out your ‘stylists’ choice’ box, in safe cardboard packaging and you can try on in your own home.”

Stay safe AND Stay fit For now….

Lucinda x

Shoe: A comfortable road, track and lane runner with cushioned sole… you WON’T want to take them off!
they breathe, they dry quickly and they hug your foot for added support.

Ok, so for starters I have four ‘exercise’ gear selections to send out to home shoppers determined to get out there with a live-in partner, family member, or on their own, breaking the boredom of quarantine – using this time to get/keep fit.

The difference it makes to our bodies and more importantly (I think) to our minds, is paramount and could make all the difference when the world is ready to re-open and send us racing back with renewed energy towards our goals.

So, I thought as an example, I’d share one capsule, easy mix/match box that I’ve just put together for a female who’s used to running with friends twice a week for up to 10k.

She now wants to start on-line yoga each morning and needs to add some soft wear stretch to her gear.

She’s lacking lightweight rain proofs that she can have in her waist bag and a mid-layer top to start out in.

I suggested a mix of technical wear in neutral grey tones with brights (as the weather here in the UK never knows what it’s doing and it’s better to be safe & seen when out and about on her own).

Last but not least, I’ve put in a favourite of mine, a rucksack bag, so lightweight that you’ll forget it’s on your back, even when thrashing it up a hill… why? because I’ve found myself choosing a running/walking path that takes in a food shop, so that I can bring back essentials that are needed more often, like milk, fresh fruit and veg… take your gloves out of the rucksack, pull up your Buff and go in… carrying your shopping on your back takes so much weight out of it, it’s amazing, and adds a little to your strength workout for a fast pace back home.

I really think this high tech breathable, comfort led collection, will be worn and worn – day in day out, it’ll get her out and about feeling and looking great, it’ll wash easily often and mix up well with her existing gear keeping her going no matter the exercise or weather.

Collection One

Sunny day, or steep fast run? Lightweight, wick away, loose and quick dry, 3 little pieces that won’t sweat-on-cling … top layer to tie round your waist as soon as you’ve warmed up, ready for the cool down back from the food store…

Collection Two

Collection Three

Relaxed soft-stretch gear doesn’t have to just be worn for yoga or indoor workout, you’ll end up wearing it all day!

Collection Four

Three key pieces for adding some warmth to a walk, hike or to the start of a chilly day run… lightweight layering is KEY.

To Purchase the above collection or part of it, simply e-mail with the item number from the list below together with you size.

10% discount if you spend +£100, 15% if you spend +£200 or 20% if you spend +£300 Or purchase each item individually online at

Return unwanted items for a full refund


1 Inov Shoe Blue/Black £125

Collection One

2    Millet Wms LTK Intense Tank    Blue/ Lava    £40

3 Millet Wms LTK Intense Tight Orion Blue £60

4    Rab Wm Nexus Jacket Reef £65

Collection Two

5    Millet Wms LTK Intense Tank Coral/Lava £40

6   Inov8 Wms Racer Short Black £55

7   Marmot PreCip Stretch Jacket Victory Red £140

Collection Three

8 Marmot Wms Everyday Tight Black/Grey

9   Millet Wms Mountain Tee Black/White £40 ​

​10 Inov8 Wms Train Elite Mid Light grey £60

Collection Four

11   Rab Wm Nexus Jacket Reef £65

12   Rab Wms Skyline Tights Black/Grey  £70

13 Marmot Featherless Hoody Red £190

Stay safe and keep keeping fit

Dave Pritt

About Dave Pritt

Dave Pritt is the Director of Adventure Peaks. With over 30 years of mountaineering feats, he is a very experienced high altitude mountaineer who has led expeditions to K2, Broad Peak and five Everest expeditions. Dave has completed the 7 summits, led an expedition to Ski the South Pole Last Degree, Satopanth in India and in 2007 he guided Ian McKeever to break the world record for the seven summits in 156 days. He is lucky enough to have climbed on the majority of our advertised peaks, but the Tien Shan remains his favourite destination.

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