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Alpamayo Expedition News 25th July 2009

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Alpamayo Expedition News 25th July 2009.Alpamayo Trek

The Team Leader : Stu Peacock

The Team: Ken Boardman, Jim Griffiths, Peter Knight, Angela Hunter , Jason Owen, David Sandham

13th August – ‘We arrived back in Huaraz last night after a successful summit of Alpamayo. Only Jason didn´t summit; he still felt tired after the two days ascent from base camp so decided not to go for it. Once again we struck lucky with the weather as the day after summit day there was a dump of snow and the only other groups hoping to attempt the summit abandoned their bids and came back down to base camp. The weather on our summit day was not great, with cloud consuming the mountain for most of the night and day, however the top was clear´ísh and in the evening the mountain did completely clear so we managed to get some decent pictures before we headed back down to base camp. We are celebrating this afternoon by having what´s called a Pachamanca, which is a Peruvian traditional way of cooking food in an earth and stone oven, along with a couple of celebratory drinks. We head back to Lima tomorrow afternoon and all depart Peru on the 15th.

See you soon, Stu.’


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