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Scottish Winter Mountain courses Archives - Adventure Peaks


Intro to Snow & Ice Course – April 1’6

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I met Nasser in Saturday and we decided to go to the Ice Factor and then Onich Gorge in the Afternoon. I booked the ice and we got in first and this allowed us to gain access to the best space for coaching movement skills on snow and ice. After a drive up Glen Coe to check conditions we went to the gorge and Nasser practised abseiling and made a complete on sight no falls ascent of the M1 slab.

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Winter Mountaineering Course and Ben Nevis Ascent

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Once we got to the base of the Nid Ridge and the slope angle increased we introduced the ice axe and explored how to use it to enhance our security on the steeper slopes. We continued up the slope experimenting with using both our boots and the axe to create suitable steps according to the angle and hardness of the snow. We also tried ascending few rocky steps to make things a bit more exciting.

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