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Tien Shan Peaks and Khan Tengri Expedition News

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8th August: Paul has called in with an update. The weather conditions have unfortunately not been good for the last few days, and the group has had to make the difficult decision not to attempt Khan Tengri. There were discussions of perhaps trying an alternate peak such as Karly Tau or additional skills training but in the end the team decided to choose other options.

Thomas and Chris have opted for early flights home, Vicky and Aisling are having a few ‘Spa’ days in Bishkek, Robert is staying in the Karakol area trekking and Paul, Max, Jean and David are going to the Ala Archa area climbing for the next few days.

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Peak Lenin expedition. Departed July 13

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3rd August: Ade has called to say that the team have come back down from Camp 3. He has assessed the state of the mountain and made the difficult decision, on the grounds of safety, that the expedition will not continue to a summit bid. The mountain is very dry and there are numerous wide crevasses bridged only by risky planks of wood, and Ade feels the risk is too great. The team will be discussing alternative plans this evening and will more than likely look to doing some daywalks out from Base Camp.

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