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Tien Shan Peaks and Khan Tengri Expedition News

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8th August: Paul has called in with an update. The weather conditions have unfortunately not been good for the last few days, and the group has had to make the difficult decision not to attempt Khan Tengri. There were discussions of perhaps trying an alternate peak such as Karly Tau or additional skills training but in the end the team decided to choose other options.

Thomas and Chris have opted for early flights home, Vicky and Aisling are having a few ‘Spa’ days in Bishkek, Robert is staying in the Karakol area trekking and Paul, Max, Jean and David are going to the Ala Archa area climbing for the next few days.

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Khan Tengri & Tien Shan Unclimbed Peaks 21st July 2012

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15th August: Whilst preparing for their summit push on Khan Tengri, the team received a weather forecast via Satellite phone that excessive snow was expected for the summit day, up to 30cm. With the difficulties and risks that this would bring, a group decision was made to descend from the mountain. Everyone arrived back in Bishkek yesterday, and some of the group have decided to go the Issy-Kul Lake to relax. Well done to everyone on a good effort on Khan Tengri, and for your achievements on other peaks earlier in the expedition. We wish you all a safe journey home.

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Tien Shan Peaks Expedition 21st July 2012

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9th Aug: Liam rang today with an update, now he can get satellite reception. Liam, Niels and Jesper reached the summit of Chapayev in beautiful sunny conditions with blue sky and spectacular views all round. Nick went a third of the way to the Summit from Camp 2 before turning back.  Congratulations to the team! Once back in Camp 2, bad weather came in with blizzard conditions but the group got back safely to Camp 1 yesterday and are now at Base camp where the sun has come out again. Raj left the group after the training phase of the trip due to a strained leg as he decided it was not worth aggravating the injury or holding back the team. He has gone on to do some volunteering in the area. Andrew also decided to go back to enjoy the sights and sounds of Bishkek after the initial training period. Those at Base Camp are expecting the helicopter to arrive to collect them tomorrow morning and take them to Maidadir, before travelling overland to Karakol, then on to Bishkek. We wish them all a safe journey.

28th July: The group have just completed their acclimatisation and training period in the Ala Acha where they gained experience in ice axe, crampons, glacial travel and crevasse rescue before climbing Utchitel (Teacher) Peak at 4500m. Yesterday they practiced ascending and descending  fixed ropes in readiness for Peak Chapeyev. The final hours were spent doing a bit of rock climbing for good measure. The group leave for Karakol in the morning and should fly by helicopter to the North Inglcheck Glacier on Monday.

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