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Tien Shan Peaks & Khan Tengri Expedition News 18th July 2009

By July 18, 2009Current Trips


Tien Shan Peaks & Khan Tengri Expedition News 18th July 2009.

The Team Leaders :  Phil Thomas, Phil Coates

The Team:  Samuel Brooks Richard Glasgow

Robin Partington Neil Peck

Anne Foley Deborah Connor

Paul Marron Michel Koch

Mike Foley Ralph Roddenhof

Andre Gie


12 August – The group are now safely back at the hotel in Karakol, enjoying the final days of their expedition before their return flights to the UK.

7 August – Phil Coates called to say that due to adverse weather conditions (the worst seen in the area in 10 years) his team did not make the summit.  All the team have safely retreated to Base Camp.

Phil Thomas’s team are at Camp II still waiting for a possible weather window.

3 August – Phil Thomas called to say that his group are having a rest day at Camp 2 on Chapayev waiting for a summit attempt tomorrow.  The weather is very variable, with clear skies in the morning followed by snow most afternoons. Everyone is well and enjoying their time in the mountains.

26th July – Phil Coates phoned to say the team have successfully established Camp 1 on Chapayev.  They are in good spirits and acclimatising well.

15th July – The group will depart the UK on the 18th July


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