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Tien Shan Peaks Expedition 19th July 2014

By August 5, 2014Current Trips

 Peak Chapayev a classic snow climb in the Tien Shan with stunning views of Khan Tengri

Leaders and updates: David Fisher and Chris Kunhardt

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5th Aug: All of the Tien Shan Peaks group flew out of Base Camp today (a few days early) and have just arrived at a hotel in Karakol. Everyone is enjoying there first showers for a while and will be heading into town for dinner shortly!!

4th Aug: Dave has called to say weather has sadly stopped play. The team has seen a huge amount of snowfall in the last 48 hours which meant they could not make their summit bid and descend safely to base camp, so the tough decision was made to head down while the going was good. The group had a rest day at camp 1 on the 31st July. Seven of the team went up to Camp 2 on the 1st August and then the weather came in on the 2nd Aug. The team are all now safe and well at base camp and awaiting the helicopter back to Maidadir, they are looking forward to a bit of R&R in Karakol before heading back to Bishkek for their return international flight.

31st July: Chris has called with a quick update. The team have completed a trip up to Camp 2 and left a cache for a possible Summit attempt on Friday depending on the weather. The team are all fit and well.

26th July: Dave called this afternoon with a brief report from the team. A few people are feeling the altitude a little but all are generally fit and well and they are getting ready for their first carry to Camp 1 tomorrow on Peak Chapayev. Everyone is excited to get onto the mountain and are in good spirits.

24th July: Dave has called in from Khan Tengri base camp after their exhilarating helicopter ride along the Inylcheck Glacier. The team arrived this morning after a couple of days delay at the heli pad. The team is doing well and the weather is looking good for the next few days, so glad to be able to start making progress on the mountain.

21st July: All the team have finally arrived after flight delays caused eight of the team to miss their connection in Istanbul. The team are tired after all the travelling and preparations but are now on schedule after a busy couple of days. They have arrived in Karakol and will be leaving early tomorrow for the helicopter port for a 10am flight to Khan Tengri North base camp.

19th July: International flight to Bishkek

David Fisher

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