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July 25, 2013

Departed 11th July

Leader and Updates from Mike Wynne

25th July: Mike has called with a last update before the group fly home tonight. Yesterdays evening was fun with swimming in the lake then a group meal on the Lake Shore.

This morning was a 4 hour drive back to Bishkek where we had a meal and the kids went shopping to look for souvenirs to remember this fantastic trip. Were all looking forwards to getting back just for the respite from 35 degree heat here in Bishkek. See you soon.

24nd July: We are currently swimming in Lake Issyk Kul enjoying the sun and sand. Our resort is halfway between Karakoram and Bishkek in a 50s style Russian holiday resort. It’s seen better days but is lots of fun and feels like we have gone back in time.

Teacher, John Glover got a little excited upon arrival and ran straight into the water forgetting he had the school mobile in his pocket. Fingers crossed it dries out okay!

Everyone is fine and still very excited and discussing the helicopter ride, the highlight of the trip for some people!

23nd July: Two inches of snow last night led to a cold but very clear morning at Base Camp. Views of Kang Tengri superb. The helicopter flight thrilled adults and students alike and we are now back in Karakol enjoying a shower and drying out iced up tents. The whole group have done extremely well and I am really proud of them all. Looking forward to a belly full of food tonight and then off to the Lake tomorrow.

22nd July: Mike called from Khan Tengri Base Camp on the South Inylchek glacier. They started the day with two inches of snow, but then the weather cleared and they were rewarded with spectacular views of Pobeda Peak and Khan Tengri. The group went for a walk on to the glacier proper this afternoon before the snow came in again. All being well they will helicopter back out to Maidadir tomorrow morning providing the weather is clear.

20th July: Today has been the hardest day weaving around the obstacles on the glacier at close to 4000m however the group have arrived safely at Khan Tengri Base camp. Like other days it has clouded in towards the end of the afternoon, but there have been spectacular views of Peak Pobeda 7439m (the most Northerly 7000m peak in the world) and Khan Tengri 6995m one of the most beautiful peaks in the world, a true pyramid.

The group will make an optional walk up the glacier towards Khan Tengri in the morning. Excitement is growing for the helicopter flight down on Tuesday.

19th July: We are just settling down now for the evening after Dinner and another full days trekking. The kids are in the tents playing cards. The group are all relaxed and happy. The weather routine is carrying on with good mornings and rainy afternoons.

We trekked up the glacier with fantastic views of the peaks on both sides. Only 1.5 days to go before we arrive at the Khan Tengri Base Camp now.

16th July: Today we completed a half day walk and a rest this afternoon. We are now at Merzbacher Meadows and enjoying a rest day tomorrow.

We are finding the weather pattern to be sunny in the morning and cloud building up with rain and storms in the afternoon. Today the weather didn’t improve and it’s still raining ?

Everyone is still well and enjoying the trip!

15th July: We are now stood at the mouth of the Inylchek Glacier with stunning views about to enjoy Dinner from our camp site after our first days trekking.

The group are a great bunch of kids and are dealing with the conditions really well despite afternoon rain and thundershowers the last 2 days. Today’s excitement included wading across a river, all holding hands to avoid a total soaking but a sunny morning quickly dried us out.

14th July: The start of the of the trek has gone really well. We transferred to Karakol and then on to an ex USSR truck for a bumpy trip for 6 hours which was fun for the first 5. We’ve had 2 great days weather but stormy today.

12th July: We have all arrived safely in Bishkek after a long overnight journey via Istanbul. Arrived at our hotel in the early hours of Friday morning, so had to get a few hours kip in the garden until rooms were made vacant for us! All good practice for the trek.

Very hot sunny weather and lovely views to the snowy mountains to the south, We had lunch, changed Euros to Soms and enjoyed free WiFi at a very modern shopping mall 20 minutes from the hotel. Lovely Turkish style food – and very cheap. Off at 8am tomorrow for the 8hr drive to Karakol.

11th July: Leader Mike Wynne
A team of 20 students past and present, teachers and helpers from Knights Templar School, Baldock are heading off for yet another adventure, led by our own trekking and schools expedition manager, Mike Wynne, who over the past 25 years has organised and led the school to numerous destinations such as Morocco, India, Peru, Pakistan and China.

This trip takes them to yet another new region, trekking up the South Inylchek Glacier to the base camp of Kang Tengri in Kyrguzstan’s Tien Shan Mountains. You can watch their progress here….


Darryl Watridge · 10 years ago

Congratulations all on a very special achievement hope you are enjoying a good meal and chance to Dry out

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