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Toubkal 18th May

KEFW-Morocco-2017 (138)

18th – 25th May 2019

Leader: Jordan Cawar

22nd May 

Summit Success.  5 of the team reached the summit earlier today, with Neil turning round at 3800m. Congratulations to everyone.  The team are all back at Aremd now and will be back in Marrakesh tomorrow.

21st May

The team are now at the Moufflons refuge at the head of the valley below Mount Toubkal. They are resting this afternoon before making an early start in the morning for the summit.

20th May

Jordan called this afternoon to say the team are doing well, having made it to Aremd today. The trek from Tachedirt takes you up over a high pass, Tizi n Tamatert, and the team decided to tag the peak of Tamalaroute at 2724m on their way before dropping down to Imlil. Tomorrow they will head up to Toubkal refuge.

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